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The Aerospace and Defense industries demand extreme precision and accuracy by highly-trained technicians, working in high-security environments. WorkLink accelerates specialized training of technicians and reduces or eliminates errors in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Processes

Wire harness installation

2D Instructions are an ineffective way to communicate complex 3D assembly and installation tasks. Using wearable and handheld devices, users can visualize exactly what needs to be done directly on the product.

Immediate component location and installation.

Eliminate costly misinterpretation of legacy 2D instructions

Accelerate assembly without tying up veteran team members.

Accurate Wire, Line and Fastener Installation

Visualize accurate placement of surface-located components and routing tasks directly onto complex surfaces without mylar or projection. Easily add all required information directly in-view at the fingertips of the installer.

Accelerate installation time up to 10x

Provide all required information at point of installation

Dramatically reduce or eliminate errors

Integrated Inspection and Validation

Ensure tasks and inspections are executed against the most up-to-date organizational information and results are communicated back into the system of record for immediate, awareness across your organization.

Improve process efficiency and accuracy

Integrate smart tools for verified task certainty

Capture process traceability

Refine, Retain, and Scale Organizational Knowledge

As the workforce in the Aerospace industry ages, knowledge retention and transfer becomes a critical business value. At the same time, the complexity of products is increasing and places breadth and depth demands on the remaining workforce, WorkLink unites seasoned experts with next generation practitioners by facilitating visual sharing of organizational knowledge. In this video, a customer shares a real-world use case.


The ROI is there for AR


Reduction in pre-work

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Our Customers

“Scope AR’s WorkLink augmented reality platform has tremendously helped our space division build high quality spacecraft by reducing the time it takes to interpret work instructions by more than 95 percent.”

Shelley Peterson

Former Associate Fellow, Augmented and Mixed Reality

“I'm not doing that again without Augmented Reality.”

Quality Inspection Team, Northrop Grumman, post-engagement survey

AR in Aerospace

The Quick Guide to AR’s High Flying Benefits.

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asked questions

What is WorkLink?

The WorkLink platform, developed by Scope AR, is the leading enterprise platform for authoring, distributing and viewing advanced augmented reality content. You can design, publish, view and interact with content in augmented reality, superimposing work instructions or even 3D designs (e.g., CAD files) on real world objects. The platform supports a range of content, including work instructions, training materials, aptitude tests and more. WorkLink streamlines the creation, management, and optimization of this content, while also facilitating integration with other enterprise systems, like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

How do I make AR content?

With WorkLink by Scope AR, creating augmented reality content is a seamless experience that leverages your existing CAD files. You can quickly design and publish interactive AR experiences directly from any modern web browser on PC or Mac. Create a project and upload a CAD file, and you can quickly start creating interactive experiences with your content. Designed for ease of use, WorkLink allows you to realize AR projects quickly, even without extensive training. We also offer a 3-day on-site course to empower authors, enabling them to construct complex projects post-training. Alternatively, if you prefer to focus on your core business, let our professional services team handle the content creation for you. At Scope AR, we're committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to succeed in the world of augmented reality.

What kind of ROI should I expect from Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) typically delivers ROI through time and travel savings, enhanced quality, and reduced loss, with the extent of benefits varying by application. For instance, companies that frequently send technicians to repair large equipment, might see over $1 million in travel savings per year by empowering on-the-ground technicians with AR to diagnose and repair issues, avoiding costs like flights, hotels, and incidentals. Similarly sectors with high-stakes, like satellite manufacturing, can prevent costly errors that translate to massive savings. We recommend doing a proof of concept (POC) in order to quantify the specific ROI you will see from AR in your own use case. Schedule a consultation today to see how AR can impact your business.

What Use Cases are best suited for WorkLink?

From streamlining production processes to capturing and distributing expert knowledge, WorkLink offers significant and measurable benefits tailored to each operational need. Here are just a few examples of some of client’s use-cases:

Work Instructions: Our platform enables users with no prior coding knowledge to create rich, engaging augmented reality instructions. By facilitating the in-house creation of AR instruction manuals, WorkLink accelerates the production process, reduces production costs, and improves security.

Cost-Effective Training Solutions:
The high costs associated with training, especially in contexts of high turnover and short tenures, necessitate a more efficient approach. WorkLink's AR platform offers a hands-on, experiential learning environment where new engineers can rapidly upskill through engaging with realistic simulations and interactive guides, thus accelerating the learning curve, reducing training expenses, and enhancing retention of critical information.

AR-Guided Work Instructions: WorkLink's AR capabilities revolutionize the delivery of information on the job. Through augmented reality, engineers can access real-time, 3-D-aware instructions and data directly on the products they are building or servicing, eliminating the need to refer back to manuals or navigate through cumbersome paperwork, which enhances efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Bridging the Expertise Gap: As the skilled workforce ages, there is a pressing need to capture and transfer their invaluable knowledge to newer employees. WorkLink facilitates this through immersive collaboration and guided instructions, enabling experienced workers to create and share their insights in an interactive, AR-based format. This process not only preserves critical knowledge but also makes it readily accessible to less experienced staff, ensuring continuity and consistency in maintenance quality.

Reducing Paper Dependency: Digitizing highly situational-aware maintenance workflows and instructions significantly reduces paper usage, contributing to green initiatives. This transition not only supports sustainability efforts but also streamlines processes, making information management more efficient and less prone to loss or damage.

Are Scope AR and WorkLink secure?

Yes, security is a top priority at Scope AR. Scope AR’s worklink product complies with SOC 2 Type II standards and is NIST certified, ensuring that we meet rigorous security requirements. For detailed compliance information, please refer to our compliance audit and checklist. Additionally, WorkLink offers on-premises deployment options, allowing sensitive data like CAD files and proprietary information to remain securely within your company's controlled environment. Our commitment to robust security measures has earned the trust of leading companies worldwide.

Which devices are compatible with WorkLink to view content?

WorkLink supports a wide range of devices, including all major iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, along with leading AR wearables such as Microsoft's Hololens 2 and the Apple Vision Pro. Our device-agnostic approach ensures seamless integration with your existing technology infrastructure, avoiding expensive hardware investments in new devices, and allowing for easy onboarding of WorkLink across your organization.

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